Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 21 - Monday 12th of May

Today is day 21 of my blog (Monday 12th May)

Today is a happy day, yet a sad day too. Today marks the twenty-first day of my blog, the final day! Although I am happy that I have finally reached my goal, I am also dismal because I have enjoyed doing the blog. To commemorate the last day of the blog, I decided to do what some people consider the ultimate challenge to make a difference, the 40 hour famine! So, last week we got our booklets from our class councillor, and I immediately proceeded to fill it out with all of my details. After that, all that was left to do was to decided what I would be giving up and to sign up onto the website and join our school group. Today I finally had the time to sign up online, using my account from last year, and I finally managed to think of something to give up! I decided to give up my phone for 40 hours, which will be very difficult! I hope that I am able to survive that long!

What I did: Today for my task I signed up for the 40 hour famine and started to get sponsors.

Results: I think the results of the 40 hour famine will be enormous! Raising $40 is enough to buy a goat for breeding which will help support a family of five.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I know that I am doing a good that will make a change in the world. I really admire world vision, the creators of the 40 hour famine, because they have passion, and a vision. With this passion, they strive to make a difference for the better in third world countries suffering drought, poverty and sickness. I feel really avid to join this great cause, as I believe that everyone should should have the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. I have been doing the famine for a number of years, and I will continue to do it for a long time. I hope that I can inspire people to also do the famine, and to do other things to help others.

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