Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 20 - Sunday 11th of May

Today is day 20 of my blog (Sunday 11th May)

So, by now I've been running out of ideas for my blog, but I guess this was kind of expected, I mean, there's only two days left until my blog is over! Today I decided to redo an old task, the task from day 13, which was to hang out the washing instead of using the dryer. We washed the clothes in the morning, after predicting that the weather was going to be really good today. Our prediction was right because it was really sunny and beautiful today, and the clothes dried quickly. We even managed to fit in another load of washing!

What I did: Today for my task my family and I hung out the washing on the line instead of drying it in the dryer, which is a good way to save energy.

Result: Today's results were quite successful as we were able to hang out 2 loads of washing, and fully dry them at the same time.

Reflection: Today I felt good about what I did. I know that I'm saving energy by hanging out the washing, which is environmentally friendly. I think that the bill will be a lot more expensive if we did use the dryer regularly, instead of hanging out the washing, which we usually do. We have taken in the clothes from the line, and now need to fold them and put them away. I think that this task is easy, efficient and simple, making it a great task to do, although it is also a bit time consuming.

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