Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 16 - Wednesday 7th of May

Today is day 16 of my blog (Wednesday 7th May)

Since I moved to my new house in late 2010, I used to drive to my primary school because it was in Pakuranga, which is a long walk from Bucklands Beach. I used to drive everyday too and from school, which uses a lot of petroleum and releases a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2). But since I started going to BBI, which is in the area, I walk too and from school everyday. Walking is a lot environmentally friendlier, since the amount of carbon dioxide released probably increased over the last two weeks, being school holidays and all. I usually walk with my friend Jed, but sometimes I walk the other way. I think that walking is a very good thing to do that will save petrol and decrease carbon emissions.

What I did: I walked too and from school everyday. This doesn't pollute the earth and is environmentally friendly.

Results: I guess the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has increased over the last two weeks, so walking will help by now releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I know I'm helping the environment by not driving. I enjoy my walk home because it is good for getting fresh air, and it gives me the chance to talk about whatever. Though, sometimes in the Summer, it can get scorching hot, and in the Winter, It can get really cold and windy. There is also the chance of rainfall, which makes the ground wet, and if you don't have an umbrella or raincoat, you too. I think that this is a really easy and efficient task to do if you don't live too far away, another option if you live farther away is that you could bike or scooter to school instead.

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