Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 13 - Thursday 17th of April

Today is day 13 of my blog (Thursday 17th of April)

Since yesterday was the last day of school, I had nothing to do today. Normally, school would have ended today, because tomorrow is Good Friday! But my school had a teacher's only day, so I was home by myself. I was left a long list of chores to do, which was a total bummer. In between the chores, I spent the tine watching t.v., I had to do something entertaining! One of the chores that I had to do was to wash the clothes, and then hang them out, which is a really good way to dry your clothes for energy saving. Unfortunately though, it rained today, and my efforts weren't very useful. 

What I did: Today for my task I hung out the washing instead of drying it in the dryer, which is a very good way to save energy.

Results: The results weren't very successful because of the really heavy rain today, which drenched the clothes even more and did not dry them.

Reflection: I felt good about saving energy today. This is because I know that our bill won't be as expensive as if I did use the dryer, which we barely use, because we always hang out the washing. The rain unfortunately came about, and made my actions useless. Hopefully, the sun will be out tomorrow because I left the clothes outside.

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