Thursday, 1 May 2014

Day 10 - Monday 14th of April

Today is day 10 of my blog (Monday 14th April)

Recently, and when I say recently I really mean a few years ago, my brother stopped using a lunch box, because it was too big and bulky and he was finding it difficult to fit everything into his bag, such as his text books. So, to fix this problem, he stopped using a lunch box and converted to a plastic bag, which he could reuse multiple times, as long as it didn't get dirty! Eventually, I followed his lead and converted to using plastic bags myself, which is a good way of reusing, plus, it's environmentally friendly!

What I did: I converted to using plastic bags for my lunch because it's better than throwing it away.

Results: I think the results were successful because we don't go through as many plastic bags now than we did when we used to just chuck them out.

Reflection: I thought that what I do is good. Since we've been doing it for years now, it has reduced the amount of plastic bags thrown away. We only keep the clean ones for lunches, and put the dirty ones in a plastic bag to be used as a rubbish bag. I think that it is a good task to do and that I will keep doing it. I hope that it proves to be an effective use of reusing.

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