Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 9 - Sunday 13th April

Today is day 9 of my blog (Sunday 13th April)

Last night I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant all the way in 3 Kings. It was a General Meeting for some Cantonese society that my mum's partner's family is apart of. The start was really boring because the people were being really long-winded and boring in what they were saying. Finally the good part came, the food!!! There was heaps of food, and it was a struggle eating it all. After it was all done, there was heaps of food left over, and we thought it would be better to take it away than to waste food.

Task: The task was to take away all of the food we could so there was little to no food left over to go into the rubbish bin.

Results: The results of this task were successful because there was little food left over at the restaurant.

Reflection: I felt good today. This is because I know there is less food that is thrown into the rubbish bin. I hope that there is a small difference in how much waste I'm producing, which is a really good thing. This task was really easy and I think I will do it again.

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