Saturday, 12 April 2014

Day 7 - Friday 11th of April

Today is day 7 of my blog (Friday 11th April)

Yesterday, I participated in a Maugham Drive street clean up. Zoe emailed me 2 days ago, April 2nd, to be precise. I had only just noticed how messy our street was, it was littered with trash from top to bottom! I noticed it in bushes, on side walks, even some partly in the gutters! It was terrible! So, I answered yes, I had to do something about this messy street! Yesterday, at 4:30, we set out to find rubbish, encountering the strangest things! Most of the rubbish was old, unused newspaper, or little bits of Styrofoam here and there. We started at my house, and worked our way around, to the top of the street all the way to the bottom and back again. We found cans, old newspaper, and what looked like a box of some sort of uneaten food! It was disgusting! We also found a can of half empty mountain dew stuck in one of the bushes.

Task: My task was to clean up the entire street by picking up any rubbish that I saw in bushes, on side walks and on the road. 

Results: The results of our clean up were a success! The street wasn't so litter scattered and there was little to no rubbish left on the side walks! Zoe and I managed to get 4 plastic bags full of rubbish in the entire street, which was quite surprising, I thought there might have been more than that!

Reflection: Today's task was a complete and total success! We managed to fill four bags with rubbish, and we found some very interesting things. I thought this was a good task to do, and I might do it again. The street looked cleaner after we went around, and I'm proud of that. I think we should take pride in our street and where we live! It's no use to not!

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