Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 6 - Thursday 10th of April

Today is day 6 of my blog (Thursday 10th April)

Today was a half day, like yesterday, and that meant school finished at 12 o'clock! This was due to Student Led Conferences, which is basically 3 way conferences, but the student is leading instead of the teacher. Well anyway, back to the story, since I didn't have anything to do while waiting at home for 3 or so hours until my brother got home, my step-mum picked me up and took me away to her school. From there, I spent the rest of the afternoon one on one with students, marking book after book after book. I struggled reading some of them, but luckily I was still able to decipher what they were trying to say. In the end, I managed to mark 10 books, in the time frame of 1 hour. I must admit, I'm pretty sure that's quite good for someone who isn't use to marking so many books, and who had to read each individual story very carefully, making corrections along the way!

Task: My task for today was to help my step-mum with her student's writing and marking. I wrote down the correct spelling of words, added punctuation and sorted through sentences. It was a hard task because it was a year 4 and 5 class and they didn't have very good handwriting or spelling.

Results: Again, I won't really know the results of this project, but  hopefully I have helped to lighten the load of marking for my step-mum. I hope that it is helpful!

Reflection: I think that today my task was a success! I successfully got through 10 books of marking long, slightly boring stories. I found it kind of difficult to mark the books because they didn't have very good spelling and handwriting. I had the students sit next to me and read me their stories, so I could correct spelling. One boy had such bad spelling, I couldn't decipher that he was trying to spell Egypt! It was very interesting though, the feeling of marking books just like a teacher! Although, this experience has changed the way I look at marking and teacher's jobs, it's even harder than I imagined, and definitely harder than it looks!

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