Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 5 - Wednesday 9th of April

Today is day five of my blog (Wednesday 9th April)

 Today all of the 2014 student librarians, including me, travelled down to the Highland Park Library, behind Countdown, to learn about the library system. We got there promptly, and entered excited, ready to absorb all of the information ahead. We met with Tina and Katie, the librarians teaching us, and had a quick tour of the library, including the restricted back room, where we all got check in a book each. After that, we had a quick order the books challenge, shortly followed by a series of mad shelving. Finally, the last task for the day was the scavenger hunt, where we had to search the library for highlighted cards, using the set of clues given. Now comes the important part. After the hunt, we sat down for a quick morning tea, biscuits and some luckily left over fizzy drinks. When I finished my drink, I was about to throw it into the normal bin, but thought twice before I was about to throw it in. I scavenged the plastic bottle, finally noticing the tiny symbol, a '1' surrounded by 3 arrows shaped into an arrow. So that got me thinking, how much rubbish do we throw away, that can actually be recycled?

Task: for my task today, I decided to throw any rubbish that can be recycled into a recycling bin, or put it neatly into the recycling pile. As an additional extension, I decided to look inside the rubbish bin at home, and see how much recyclable material there is in there, and put it into the right spot.

Results: I found that there was quite a bit of recyclable rubbish inside the waste bin. I put the recyclable material into the recycling bin. I hope that this is making a good effect on the environment.

Reflection: Today I was quite happy with myself. This is because I knew that all of the rubbish was in the right spot, and it is more environmentally friendly. I found that there was a bit of rubbish in the waste bin that should not have been, but there were more items in the recycling pile, which is really good. I think that recycling is a very good way to get rid of your rubbish because you are reusing things instead of polluting and poisoning the earth in the landfill. I hope that I can make a big difference in how my family gets rid of their rubbish.

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