Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 4 - Tuesday 8th of April

Today is day four of my blog (Tuesday 8th April)

Today at school we half started a project about carbon. This included the Carbon Cycle, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and just carbon in general. We had a series of questions to answer, the first one being: "What is Carbon?", in which my group answered: "Carbon, atomic number 6, is a non-metallic element which has two main forms, diamond and graphite. It also occurs in coal, soot and charcoal, all of which are impure states." Unfortunately though, due to internet failure, we were forced to shut down and stop what we were doing.
Anyway, back to the Carbon. It comes in lots of different forms, and every living organism needs Carbon in order to live and survive. But due to burning of fossil fuels, the Carbon stock is decreasing, as fossil fuels, such as natural gases, petroleum, coal and oil, are non renewable sources of energy. Fossil fuels are created when animals slowly decompose, and then turn into organic material.

Task: My task for today was to use the least amount of fuel as possible and avoid burning fossil fuels, which produces Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide, which contribute to global warming by diminishing the Ozone Layer. So, I walked to and from school instead of being dropped off in the morning.

Results: I won't really know the results because I am just one person, which isn't actually that much compared to the whole population, but hey, that's exactly what Sharing The Planet is about, how small changes can effect the bigger picture!

Reflection: I think that even though I made one small change, if more and more people do it, it could make a drastic change. I only used the car once today, which I had to do. This is because my dad was picking my brother and I up to go to his house. I think that not using the car is a great way to be more environmentally friendly, and lose weight. I think that people could easily walk if they don't live too far away, it's just that they have to put in the effort.

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