Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 3 - Monday 7th of April

Today is day three of my blog (Monday 7th April)

Today three girls in assembly talked about how we, as students, are constantly putting our rubbish and plastic into the wrong bins. It took them 1 whole hour to sort out the rubbish in the bokashi bins! We have to remember to put all of the rubbish into the correct bins, recycling, landfill and food scraps/bokashi.
The bokashi bins are only for food scraps, such as apple cores, banana peels and pear cores. They can be fed to the worms in the compost bin, so you can't put meat and plastic. We have to remember that plastics, foils and other rubbish of that sort go into the landfill/waste bins, Recycling, such as yogurt cartons, bottles and cans, go into the recycling bins, and fruit peels and skins go into the bokashi bins.

Task: Put all of my rubbish and waste into the correct bin so it is easier for the bokashi monitors to sort into the right bins. It is also better for the environment in case someone accidentally misses a piece of rubbish.

Results: Well I won't know what the results are because I'm not a bokashi monitor, but I hope that there is a difference, either small or big. At least I know i'm being more environmentally friendly!

Reflection: I felt good about putting my rubbish in the right bin. The foil I had that I had used to put my cookies in I put in the waste bin, and I used a reusable container to store my lunch in. It wasn't hard to put the waste in the right bin, it's just that people are too lazy or absent-minded to put the rubbish in the correct bin. I think that people could easily put rubbish in the right bin, it's just that they have to put in the effort. I really hope that everyone really puts the effort to sort their rubbish, and that hopefully will make a big difference!

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