Sunday, 6 April 2014

Day 2 - Sunday 6th of April

Today is day two of my blog (Sunday 6th April)

Today I noticed just how much water my family uses. A lot. Whether it was for showers, or just for drinking or cooking, we use heaps! I think it's time we thought about how much water and money we could be saving, and about just how much we take water for granted. If we were living in third world countries, imagine how different water saving and conservation would be!

So, for my task, I took shorter showers, used less water and tried to use the least amount of water I could when doing everyday cooking and cleaning. I managed to decrease my shower time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes! So, I encouraged my family to take shorter showers as well, I hope the water bill decreases!

Results:Well, I the results won't be so clear just yet, but by the end of the month, hopefully the bill is cheaper than last month.
What I did: I took shorter showers, turned off the water and taps when I don't need it, and used less water when cooking.

Reflection: Today I felt good about what I did. This is because I didn't use as much water, thus saving water. Hopefully there will be a difference. I took a look at some water saving sites and found some tips on how to save water. I found water conserving a little hard because society takes water for granted nowadays. I really hope that if I keep conserving water, the bill will change by a lot.

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