Friday, 4 April 2014

Day 1 - Saturday 5th of April

Today is day one of my blog (Saturday 5th April).

Today for my task I decided to be energy efficient! My mum has lately been complaining about how much electricity we use and the amount she has to pay, this is due to t.v., computers and lights being on when not needed at all! So today and for the rest of the month, i'm going to watch less t.v., go on  the computer only when needed and turn off all of the lights when no one is there! Hopefully by the end of the month, the energy bill isn't as much as last month!

Result: Well, there isn't any result yet because we won't be getting the bill until the end of the month, but I hope that it costs less.
What I did: I cut down on lights, showers and washing machines. I shut down unneeded electrical goods and appliances. I closed the curtains to keep in the heat, instead of turning on a heater.

Reflection: Today I felt good about what I did. This is because I know that there will probably be a small difference in our electricity bill. I took a look at some energy efficiency sites and found some tips on how to save energy. I found energy saving a little hard because society today relies so much on technology that even taking a day away from it is difficult. I really hope that if I keep saving energy, the bill will change by a lot.

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