Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 9 - Sunday 13th April

Today is day 9 of my blog (Sunday 13th April)

Last night I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant all the way in 3 Kings. It was a General Meeting for some Cantonese society that my mum's partner's family is apart of. The start was really boring because the people were being really long-winded and boring in what they were saying. Finally the good part came, the food!!! There was heaps of food, and it was a struggle eating it all. After it was all done, there was heaps of food left over, and we thought it would be better to take it away than to waste food.

Task: The task was to take away all of the food we could so there was little to no food left over to go into the rubbish bin.

Results: The results of this task were successful because there was little food left over at the restaurant.

Reflection: I felt good today. This is because I know there is less food that is thrown into the rubbish bin. I hope that there is a small difference in how much waste I'm producing, which is a really good thing. This task was really easy and I think I will do it again.

Day 8 - Saturday 12th of April

Today is day 8 of my blog (Saturday 12th April)

Today is officially the one week anniversary of my blog! So, I decided to go back to my first task, and repeat it, to see if I can improve it in any way. I've noticed that I haven't really laid back on using electricity, and I thought that this would be a great way to start doing that! Today, I used minimal t.v. and computer because I was out most of the day, and I had to clean my room, unfortunately. So, I managed to use minimal electricity, which was really good! Again I turned off lights, the t.v. and the computer when I didn't need it, to conserve energy. I hope that the bill isn't as much as last month!

Result: Well, there isn't any result yet because we won't be getting the bill until the end of the month, but I hope that it costs less.

What I did: Again I cut down on lights, showers and washing machines. I shut down unneeded electrical goods and appliances. I closed the curtains to keep in the heat, instead of turning on a heater.

Reflection: Today I felt good about what I did. This is because I know that there will probably be a small difference in our electricity bill. I took a look at some energy efficiency sites again and found some tips on how to save energy. I found energy saving a little hard because society today relies so much on technology that even taking a day away from it is difficult, much like last time. I really hope that if I keep saving energy, the bill will change by a lot.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Day 7 - Friday 11th of April

Today is day 7 of my blog (Friday 11th April)

Yesterday, I participated in a Maugham Drive street clean up. Zoe emailed me 2 days ago, April 2nd, to be precise. I had only just noticed how messy our street was, it was littered with trash from top to bottom! I noticed it in bushes, on side walks, even some partly in the gutters! It was terrible! So, I answered yes, I had to do something about this messy street! Yesterday, at 4:30, we set out to find rubbish, encountering the strangest things! Most of the rubbish was old, unused newspaper, or little bits of Styrofoam here and there. We started at my house, and worked our way around, to the top of the street all the way to the bottom and back again. We found cans, old newspaper, and what looked like a box of some sort of uneaten food! It was disgusting! We also found a can of half empty mountain dew stuck in one of the bushes.

Task: My task was to clean up the entire street by picking up any rubbish that I saw in bushes, on side walks and on the road. 

Results: The results of our clean up were a success! The street wasn't so litter scattered and there was little to no rubbish left on the side walks! Zoe and I managed to get 4 plastic bags full of rubbish in the entire street, which was quite surprising, I thought there might have been more than that!

Reflection: Today's task was a complete and total success! We managed to fill four bags with rubbish, and we found some very interesting things. I thought this was a good task to do, and I might do it again. The street looked cleaner after we went around, and I'm proud of that. I think we should take pride in our street and where we live! It's no use to not!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day 6 - Thursday 10th of April

Today is day 6 of my blog (Thursday 10th April)

Today was a half day, like yesterday, and that meant school finished at 12 o'clock! This was due to Student Led Conferences, which is basically 3 way conferences, but the student is leading instead of the teacher. Well anyway, back to the story, since I didn't have anything to do while waiting at home for 3 or so hours until my brother got home, my step-mum picked me up and took me away to her school. From there, I spent the rest of the afternoon one on one with students, marking book after book after book. I struggled reading some of them, but luckily I was still able to decipher what they were trying to say. In the end, I managed to mark 10 books, in the time frame of 1 hour. I must admit, I'm pretty sure that's quite good for someone who isn't use to marking so many books, and who had to read each individual story very carefully, making corrections along the way!

Task: My task for today was to help my step-mum with her student's writing and marking. I wrote down the correct spelling of words, added punctuation and sorted through sentences. It was a hard task because it was a year 4 and 5 class and they didn't have very good handwriting or spelling.

Results: Again, I won't really know the results of this project, but  hopefully I have helped to lighten the load of marking for my step-mum. I hope that it is helpful!

Reflection: I think that today my task was a success! I successfully got through 10 books of marking long, slightly boring stories. I found it kind of difficult to mark the books because they didn't have very good spelling and handwriting. I had the students sit next to me and read me their stories, so I could correct spelling. One boy had such bad spelling, I couldn't decipher that he was trying to spell Egypt! It was very interesting though, the feeling of marking books just like a teacher! Although, this experience has changed the way I look at marking and teacher's jobs, it's even harder than I imagined, and definitely harder than it looks!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 5 - Wednesday 9th of April

Today is day five of my blog (Wednesday 9th April)

 Today all of the 2014 student librarians, including me, travelled down to the Highland Park Library, behind Countdown, to learn about the library system. We got there promptly, and entered excited, ready to absorb all of the information ahead. We met with Tina and Katie, the librarians teaching us, and had a quick tour of the library, including the restricted back room, where we all got check in a book each. After that, we had a quick order the books challenge, shortly followed by a series of mad shelving. Finally, the last task for the day was the scavenger hunt, where we had to search the library for highlighted cards, using the set of clues given. Now comes the important part. After the hunt, we sat down for a quick morning tea, biscuits and some luckily left over fizzy drinks. When I finished my drink, I was about to throw it into the normal bin, but thought twice before I was about to throw it in. I scavenged the plastic bottle, finally noticing the tiny symbol, a '1' surrounded by 3 arrows shaped into an arrow. So that got me thinking, how much rubbish do we throw away, that can actually be recycled?

Task: for my task today, I decided to throw any rubbish that can be recycled into a recycling bin, or put it neatly into the recycling pile. As an additional extension, I decided to look inside the rubbish bin at home, and see how much recyclable material there is in there, and put it into the right spot.

Results: I found that there was quite a bit of recyclable rubbish inside the waste bin. I put the recyclable material into the recycling bin. I hope that this is making a good effect on the environment.

Reflection: Today I was quite happy with myself. This is because I knew that all of the rubbish was in the right spot, and it is more environmentally friendly. I found that there was a bit of rubbish in the waste bin that should not have been, but there were more items in the recycling pile, which is really good. I think that recycling is a very good way to get rid of your rubbish because you are reusing things instead of polluting and poisoning the earth in the landfill. I hope that I can make a big difference in how my family gets rid of their rubbish.