Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 21 - Monday 12th of May

Today is day 21 of my blog (Monday 12th May)

Today is a happy day, yet a sad day too. Today marks the twenty-first day of my blog, the final day! Although I am happy that I have finally reached my goal, I am also dismal because I have enjoyed doing the blog. To commemorate the last day of the blog, I decided to do what some people consider the ultimate challenge to make a difference, the 40 hour famine! So, last week we got our booklets from our class councillor, and I immediately proceeded to fill it out with all of my details. After that, all that was left to do was to decided what I would be giving up and to sign up onto the website and join our school group. Today I finally had the time to sign up online, using my account from last year, and I finally managed to think of something to give up! I decided to give up my phone for 40 hours, which will be very difficult! I hope that I am able to survive that long!

What I did: Today for my task I signed up for the 40 hour famine and started to get sponsors.

Results: I think the results of the 40 hour famine will be enormous! Raising $40 is enough to buy a goat for breeding which will help support a family of five.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I know that I am doing a good that will make a change in the world. I really admire world vision, the creators of the 40 hour famine, because they have passion, and a vision. With this passion, they strive to make a difference for the better in third world countries suffering drought, poverty and sickness. I feel really avid to join this great cause, as I believe that everyone should should have the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. I have been doing the famine for a number of years, and I will continue to do it for a long time. I hope that I can inspire people to also do the famine, and to do other things to help others.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 20 - Sunday 11th of May

Today is day 20 of my blog (Sunday 11th May)

So, by now I've been running out of ideas for my blog, but I guess this was kind of expected, I mean, there's only two days left until my blog is over! Today I decided to redo an old task, the task from day 13, which was to hang out the washing instead of using the dryer. We washed the clothes in the morning, after predicting that the weather was going to be really good today. Our prediction was right because it was really sunny and beautiful today, and the clothes dried quickly. We even managed to fit in another load of washing!

What I did: Today for my task my family and I hung out the washing on the line instead of drying it in the dryer, which is a good way to save energy.

Result: Today's results were quite successful as we were able to hang out 2 loads of washing, and fully dry them at the same time.

Reflection: Today I felt good about what I did. I know that I'm saving energy by hanging out the washing, which is environmentally friendly. I think that the bill will be a lot more expensive if we did use the dryer regularly, instead of hanging out the washing, which we usually do. We have taken in the clothes from the line, and now need to fold them and put them away. I think that this task is easy, efficient and simple, making it a great task to do, although it is also a bit time consuming.

Day 19 - Saturday 10th of May

Today is day 19 of my blog (Saturday 19th May)

A few days ago, I was listening to the radio and one of the songs they played, which wasn't really a song, was this really influential poem called look up. It's about how today society relies so much on our digital devices, how we think we're being so social on websites and apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that we don't realise that in fact, we are actually being even more anti-social. It's about putting down your phone, or iPad, or whatever digital device you have, and going out into the world, talk to people, interact with one another. This poem really inspired me, so today, I used the least amount of technology I could. I didn't bring my phone to Chinese class, I didn't use the computer or turn on the T.V. when I got home, and I didn't even go on the iPad. Instead I found other means of entertainment, such as reading books, reading the newspaper and talking. It wasn't too difficult because my dad's side of the family came over for dinner, and I just talked to them, though, the T.V. did come one when they wanted to watch "The Voice Australia".

What I did: I used the least amount of technology as I could, whether it be T.V., computer, or iPad.

Result: Again, this task won't have a very large result at the moment, because it's just one day out of thirty-one days.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I didn't use much time on electrical devices. I hope that this has an impact on our electricity bill this month. I found this task today quite difficult because I rely on my phone, the T.V. and the iPad a lot for entertainment and for work.

Day 18 - Friday 9th of May

Today is day 18 of my blog (Friday 9th May)

Yesterday, when I was unloading the dishwasher, I noticed that it wasn't all full, with a lot of space to put more dishes. I think the  reason for this was probably because the dishes had been in the dishwasher for a while, most likely because we didn't use that many dishes. By loading all of the dishes and decreasing the amount of space, you could save a lot of money! A washing machine usually uses around 40 litres of water per load a day, which is a lot of water! I think that a lot of people should load the dishwasher fully , it will save a lot of money and water. So, today when we were washing the dishes, I made sure that the dishwasher was full with dishes.

What I did: Today for my task I made sure that the dishwasher was full before starting it.

Result: I don't think the result will be very evident at the current time, but the bill will tell if it is an effective task or not. Even though there were more dishes packed into the dishwasher, it still attained the clean standard.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I think that it's making a difference to the water bill. I think that this task is so simple and easy that you could do it just like that. My mum has been doing this for a very, very long time, and so now it is almost built into me. I think that I will continue to do this task from now on, because I do subconsciously.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day 17 - Thursday 8th of May

Today is day 17 (Thursday 8th May)

Today in hard materials I was looking through my reflection sheet, when I noticed that on one lesson we watched a video and learnt about water shortages in Africa. We learn't that there was this woman in New York, who created the water wheel, so that the burden of getting water was a lot easier for woman. Reading about all of that, it made me realise just how hard water conservation is. I thought that I would try to put myself in their shoes, and conserve water as much as I could. Whether it be, taking shorter showers or turning the tap off when brushing my teeth, I did whatever I could. 

What I did: Today for my task I decided to conserve water in any way I could. I took a shorter shower and only used water when I really needed it.

Result: I think that the result probably wasn't very big today because I am only doing a small thing, but, essentially that is what this unit is about. I hope that the water bill isn't as large as usual this month.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I didn't use much water, which is really good. Hopefully there will be a difference. I took a look at some water saving websites and found some tips on saving water. I found water conserving a little hard because nowadays, society takes water for granted. I really hope that if I keep conserving water, the bill will change by a lot.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 16 - Wednesday 7th of May

Today is day 16 of my blog (Wednesday 7th May)

Since I moved to my new house in late 2010, I used to drive to my primary school because it was in Pakuranga, which is a long walk from Bucklands Beach. I used to drive everyday too and from school, which uses a lot of petroleum and releases a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2). But since I started going to BBI, which is in the area, I walk too and from school everyday. Walking is a lot environmentally friendlier, since the amount of carbon dioxide released probably increased over the last two weeks, being school holidays and all. I usually walk with my friend Jed, but sometimes I walk the other way. I think that walking is a very good thing to do that will save petrol and decrease carbon emissions.

What I did: I walked too and from school everyday. This doesn't pollute the earth and is environmentally friendly.

Results: I guess the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has increased over the last two weeks, so walking will help by now releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I know I'm helping the environment by not driving. I enjoy my walk home because it is good for getting fresh air, and it gives me the chance to talk about whatever. Though, sometimes in the Summer, it can get scorching hot, and in the Winter, It can get really cold and windy. There is also the chance of rainfall, which makes the ground wet, and if you don't have an umbrella or raincoat, you too. I think that this is a really easy and efficient task to do if you don't live too far away, another option if you live farther away is that you could bike or scooter to school instead.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Day 15 - Tuesday 6th of May

Today is day 15 of my blog (Tuesday 6th May)

Last year, for the 40 hour famine, I decided to go vegetarian for 40 hours, because I knew that a lot of animals were being killed everyday. It was quite difficult for me because my family - excluding my step mum - really like meat, whether it be chicken, beef, pork or fish. What made it worse was that they were having meat in all of their meals, my dad even went to Carl's Jr on the same day, and I was stuck eating chips. Luckily though, I made it through unscathed, and it wasn't actually as hard as I though! So, I thought, since it wasn't too hard, why not do it again? It was so simple, and we do eat rice most of the time, so it's not torturous or anything.

What I did: I had a vegetarian dinner tonight, which was really good because along with the rice I had for dinner, there was some eggs too.

Results: There really isn't any result because I have only really done this twice in my life, but I guess it would still kind of save a tiny, minuscule amount.

Reflection: I felt good about what I did today. This is because I know that I'm still saving a tiny little bit of meat, even though there is chicken in the oven. It was really simple to do because I could just eat rice, which is a staple food in my diet. I think that it was a really easy task to do and I will continue to do it in the near future.